Piper Is Made To Mess Her Diaper For The 1st Time & Has A Great Reaction!

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Natalia leaves Nikki to make sure Piper makes a mess in her diaper. Only Piper is insisting that she really doesn’t need to go.

Nikki checks Piper’s diaper and finds that it’s almost completely clean! Well that’s not gonna do at all! Nikki has a solution for Piper’s clean diaper though. The mini enema!

Piper is just so very not ok with this! She’s not about to let Nikki give her an enema!!

But Piper has no choice. Nikki can be very convincing. Nikki tosses Piper down on the bed and shoves the enema up her diapered bum.

Piper goes thru the discomfort that mini enemas can often bring as it takes effect. And she is SO not looking forward to actually messing her diaper!

But soon enough it happens. Piper poos. Her face twists and she can barely control herself as it comes shooting out her bum and fills her diaper.

Piper REALLY wants to be changed as soon as her diaper gets full. But Nikki won’t allow it. Not yet. She has to make sure she gets it all out first and sit in it for awhile so that she can gets the full experience. Piper doesn’t like that answer.

Soon enough, Natalia comes in to check Piper’s diaper. She’s quite pleased to find the mess inside. But Piper’s reaction to it is way too much fun to resist!

Awesome first diaper messing video!!!


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