Pooping Friends! Abby And Lacey Do Whatever It Takes To Always Poop Together! Enemas And Lumpys, Oh My!

Best friends Abby and Lacey absolutely love pooping together!

Abby walks into the nursery with an urge to poop. She tells Lacey that its time to poop and Lacey wants to join in the fun! However she doesn’t actually need to go at this exact moment. No problem! Thats what enemas are for!

Lacey bends over and Abby preps the enema bottle. After lubing it up, she shoves it up Lacey’s bare butt. Abby makes sure she empties every last drop into her bum. Lacey loves every drop of it and is so excited to poop with her bestie!

After Abby puts Lacey into a diaper with her bum full, they position themselves and get ready to poo.

They both start grunting and pushing. Abby’s poo is solid and squishy and makes a really nice lump that you can see forming inside of her diaper. Lacey’s however, is not solid AT ALL! You can hear her many farts and the rush of the liquid poo furiously splashing the inner lining of her diaper as it fills completely.

These two girls together are so fun to watch!


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