Pretty Bella Gets A Constipation Relief Mini Enema & Rocked In Natalia’s Lap Until She Poos

DpMBellaMiniEnemaRockedLapTillPoos DpMBellaMiniEnemaRockedLapTillPoos2

Poor little baby Bella isn’t feeling well. She’s a bit constipated and hasn’t been able to go at all.

Good thing Natalia has a mini enema handy! She has Bella bend over her knee so she can squeeze it up her bum.

Bella needs some nice nurturing. She climbs into Natalia’s lap where she’s rocked and soothed until she’s finally able to poo. Natalia encourages her to let it all out and holds her sweetly as she fills her diaper full of her mess. “Good girl! Get it all out!”

Bella feels so much better once she finally poos!


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