Pretty, Pretty Bella Gets Her Diaper Changed & Is Wiped Until She Cums

DpMBellaChangedWiped2Os DpMBellaChangedWiped2Os2

Natalia comes in and checks Bella’s diaper. It’s wet. Time for a diaper change!

Bella’s happy with Natalia’s choice in her next diaper for her: a pretty pink Aww…So Cute!

Natalia removes Bella’s wet diaper and starts to wipe her. Ohhhh it feels soooo goooood!!!

Natalia takes the signal and wipes her even more! Bella is so responsive!

She wipes and wipes and wipes her pussy, rubbing hard on Bella’s clit. It doesn’t take long for Bella to have a massive orgasm!

Her pussy is so sensitive after. So hot to watch her reaction to the sprinkles of baby powder on her! And her reaction to her fresh diaper being strapped on her? YUM!


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