Proud Emily Goes Pee Pee In The Training Potty

DpMEmilyGoesPeePeeInTrainingPotty DpMEmilyGoesPeePeeInTrainingPotty2 DpMEmilyGoesPeePeeInTrainingPotty3

Little Emily is having a blast playing on the rocking horse today! She’s in just a bra and a Pampers size 6 and is giggling and enjoying her diapered time!

But then she realizes her bladder is quite full and she has to go pee-pee. But this time she wants to try do it in the training potty. She feels like being such a big girl today!

She sits down next to the potty and tries to figure it out. She can do this!

She tries at first to move the diaper to the side and that’s not working. She has to strip out of the diaper! She pulls both tabs at once and lets it drop!

She sits down on the potty and starts to pee. She’s so excited as it comes out!

Great close up views at the pee coming out into the potty!


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