Rosi’s Unassisted Diaper Mess While Getting Ready

Rosi's Unassisted Diaper Mess While Getting Ready

Cute little diapergirl, Rosi, is getting ready to head out to do some errands. As she’s doing her hair and make-up she suddenly feels the urge…so as a well experienced messy diaper lover, she just lets it go.

She pauses what she’s doing for a moment as she grunts a little while pushing a load of warm poo into her diaper. But she doesn’t let a messy diaper stop her from what she’s doing…she continues getting ready with her stinky, messy, poo filled diaper. Rosi likes her diapers messy!

Then she poos some more…making her diaper heavy and saggy with her mess as she continues primping in the mirror… her reflection capturing her face as she poos…




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