Schoolgirl Emily Flirts With You While Making A Big Mess In Her Diaper

DpMEmilySchoolGirlMessesNFlirtsPOV DpMEmilySchoolGirlMessesNFlirtsPOV2 DpMEmilySchoolGirlMessesNFlirtsPOV3

Oh, Emily! She’s just soooo sexy!

She wore her little schoolgirl outfit just for you. And of course she’s wearing a diaper underneath.

And she has another special surprise for you. She woke up this morning and really felt like she had to go poo. But she decided to hold it in – just for you.

She’s been building up a lot of poo for you! There’s so much!

First she warms up her butt to prepare for it then plays with her poo as it prairie dogs out of her bum. And you can see every bit of it!

Then it’s time to really push. It loads and loads and loads her diaper full. It feels soooo good coming out! She farts a little as it comes out and she wiggles it down from in between her butt cheeks. Gotta make room for more!

What a heavy diaper!

And then she plays in it, as little Emily loves to do!



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