Scorned Girlfriend, Krystal Gives Lili A Humiliating Enema & Makes Her Mess Her Diaper While Cuffed Over The Changing Table

Krystal is not letting up on Lili for trying to flirt with her boyfriend. Now she’s got her cuffed over the changing table and is gonna make her pay in a whole new way!

Krystal laughs at Lili as she introduces her to the enema bottle. She shows her what’s about to be shoved up her bum and doesn’t care at all about Lili’s protests.

Krystal pulls off Lili’s diaper and quickly shoves the enema nozzle up Lili’s butt as she tries to protest. But Krystal has no sympathy. She just laughs as she empties the entire bottle up her booty, Lili protesting the entire time.

“Let me go!” Lili tries to plead with her. But it’s not happening. Once the bottle is empty of every last drop she pulls it out and re-diapers her.

Once she’s satisfied that the enema is properly soaked in, she allows her to release it into the diaper. Her bowels quickly empty into the diaper with large squirts while Krystal takes pictures of the whole thing to post onto various social media sites.

Lili grunts and struggles to get it all out while Krystal laughs. She tries to squirm as her diaper turns brown but she can’t move much while cuffed to the changing table! Poor Lili’s having a rough day.

What a big mess!!!

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