Sexxxy Diaper Girl, Summer, Messes In Her Favorite Diaper Just For You

DpMSummerPOVMessesSexy4U DpMSummerPOVMessesSexy4U2

Dang, is Summer ever gorgeous!!!

Summer is wearing nothing but her favorite diaper, the Bambino Bellisimo and she’s sucking on a pretty pink Nuk 6 pacifier. And she has to poo. It’s coming.

As her poo is building up inside her she poses and shows off her incredibly sexy body to you. Then she farts.

Her farts surprise her. But its a very good sign that her poo is ready to come out.

And so she poos. She bends over and starts to push her poo out into her diaper.

Even her grunts are incredibly sexy. She tugs at the diaper to help make more room in it so it’ll ease out of her bum and fill her diaper a bit easier.

Summer just loves a messy diaper. And she really loves you watching her.



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