Sexxxy Savannah Gives You A Sexy Striptease To A Diaper Change

DpMSavannahStriptease2DiaperChangeb DpMSavannahStriptease2DiaperChange2 DpMSavannahStriptease2DiaperChange3

Holy crap! Is Savannah ever so amazingly HOTTT in this video!!!

She starts off fully clothed over her wet diaper but when the music starts playing that all changes.

She shows you her moves as she shows off her incredible body! She slips off her top & tosses it towards you. And that’s just the beginning.

Her shorts come off and reveal her little Tena Slip Maxi that fits her so perfectly.

She continues to strip down and dance to the music, showing herself off so wonderfully until she gets to her diaper change. Soon enough, she’s completely naked and still doing her moves.



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