Sexy Domme Goddess Star Gives Herself A 2 Qt Enema & Messes Her Diaper Above You

DpMStarSexyDomme2QtEnemaNReleaseAboveYouPOV DpMStarSexyDomme2QtEnemaNReleaseAboveYouPOV2 DpMStarSexyDomme2QtEnemaNReleaseAboveYouPOV3

You’re gonna beg Star for this. She’ll make sure of that.

Star’s standing above you with a very full 2 qt enema bag and strips off her diaper. She seductively sticks the nozzle up her naked bum. She releases the valve and sends the water rushing up her rectum and fills up her gut. She’s gonna clean her perfect goddess ass of all of it’s shit and mess so much right above you! And you’re going to love every bit of it.

She diapers herself up nice and tight and rubs her sexy body as she teases you with it. Do you want this? Do you deserve this?

Here it comes. She bends over right in your face and starts to release it. GUSH!!! You can so clearly hear the rush of liquid poo rushing out of her bum and filling her diaper.

More and more and more. She farts and squirts her poo into her diaper. She rubs it and pats it. You like this? Want more?

Here it comes. Star really fills that diaper full of her messy load.

You want this diaper, don’t you?


Make sure you watch this video to the end so you can see the hilarious outtake! Because sometimes shit happens.

Fantastic video!!!


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