Sexy Little Krystal Cums As She Wipes Herself While Changing Her Diaper

DpMKrystalChangesSelfWipes2Os DpMKrystalChangesSelfWipes2Os2

Krystal is so cute!!

Krystal is playing in the nursery when she decides she wants to change her diaper. She picks out a new diaper and gathers the changing supplies before laying down to change herself.

She undoes her diaper and begins wiping herself. “That feels really nice,” she says as she starts to moan. “Oh yeah! That feels really good!”

She wipes harder. She moans & groans as she rubs the baby wipe against her pussy. Soon enough she’s fully masturbating with the baby wipe! She lays back and enjoys herself as she strokes herself harder & harder. Her panting grows more & more intense!

Krystal brings herself to a huge orgasm! Just what the little babygirl needed!


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