Sexy Little Teen Nikki Makes A Huge, Sloppy Mess In Her Wet, Sagging Diaper For You

Oh, what a huge mess she makes in her diaper for you!

Nikki is ready to go #2. She’s been holding it in so you can watch her…and it’s ready to come out!

She’s wearing a nice, thick Bambino to make sure it holds in all the mess she’s about to make for you.

She rubs her diapered booty and gets on all fours to prepare herself for the massive poo she’s about to let out. She pushes and pushes and pushes so much mess out! The wet brownness starts to seep thru to the outer lining of the diaper as it runs down her buttcheeks and pools in the saggy spots and toward the front by her pussy as she’s leaned over on all fours.

Now Nikki does what she can never resist doing…rubbing it in. She’s suuuuch a dirty little girl.

But she’s a really good little girl for you, right?


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