Sexy Mia Embarrassingly Messes Her Diaper In Public

Mia Messes Her Diaper While Hanging Out At The Bar

Its so much fun to watch Mia get so incredibly embarrassed. Especially in public!

A chance encounter has led to Mia getting diapered in a public bar. Natalia likes to wear a diaper when she goes out so she doesn’t have to worry about “breaking the seal.” Mia loves the idea, but she quickly confesses to Natalia that she has to poo instead.

Well this just makes Natalia happy! Natalia encourages her to go. “In the diaper?? Like, right here??” Mia’s eyes grow big.

“Yeah, of course!”

Mia checks that her diaper is on tight enough and lets the mess happen. Yes, right there at the bar.

Well, Mia had some very wet & runny poo so her diaper fills quickly and a large brown spot quickly appears. The smell permeates the room.

Natalia checks her diaper. Yes, the brown spot is very apparent. The bartender notices the smell. Mia gets so embarrassed! Her face grows bright red & she can’t stop giggling. It’s gonna be a fun night…



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