Sexy Savannah Messes Her Diaper Just For You POV

DpMSavannahMesses4UPOV DpMSavannahMesses4UPOV2 DpMSavannahMesses4UPOV3

Oh Savannah! She is soooo HOT!!!

Savannah’s been holding in her poo for you. She’s been waiting for you to show up so you can watch her mess.

She rubs her diaper and poses for you flirtingly as she prepares to mess. And boy does she ever look AMAZING!!!

And then it’s time. She gets on all fours and leaves her butt to you so you can watch. And she starts to push. It all comes rushing out quickly and she sure messes A LOT! Her diaper starts to sag.

Pooping makes her feel pretty. She’s so glad you like to watch her.


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