Sexy Star Messes Her Diaper And Poses In It For You

Star is soooo sexy!! Especially when she’s dressed up in see thru lingerie!! Wowzers!

She looks you in the eyes as she tells you that she has a surprise for you. Something that she knows you’ll love. She knows how much you love her in sexy lingerie and how much you love it when she poses for you. And she also knows how much you love to watch her mess her diaper!

So she dressed extra sexy for you and even put on a sexy black Fabine to match her lingerie so perfectly!! And she lets you know as she seduces you that she has to take a little poo-poo. 

She teases you with her diapered booty, wiggling it around for you before taking position and starting to push her mess out. The diaper crinkles as it gets filled with her steamy hot mess. It bulges and shows a big lump in the back of her diaper. 

Whoopsies! Her booby pops out of her lingerie! She doesn’t seem to notice and continues with her messy seduction. 

Now if only you could change her.



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