Shy Natalia’s New Beau Discovers Her Diaper Fetish

By request!

Natalia’s been seeing an older guy and things have been going great! They’re now sitting on the couch at Natalia’s house and discussing how much they’ve been enjoying each other. But soon enough, her new guy smells poop! AWKWARD!

Natalia has to confess to him that she has an AB/DL fetish! She has to explain what all that entails and he starts to understand why she’s do things like referring to his dick as her paci while she’s sucking on him or why she calls his cum her baby’s milk.

He’s a bit in disbelief so she finally reveals the diaper that she’s wearing.  He’s very intrigued by the whole thing but after a moment of thought he starts to tease her profusely.

She gets really embarrassed and starts to sulk and tries to hide her diaper from him. He eventually apologizes and she says that it’s fine, she actually kind of got turned on by the teasing.

She bashfully asks if he can change her messy diaper and he says only if he can fuck her in her diaper without a condom! She smiles and asks if one day she can have a baby sister while rubbing her belly. He smiles and says, “Only if you’re a good girl!”



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