Sister’s Revenge

Sister's Revenge

Uh-oh…what has Nichole started??

Catherine wants to get back at her sister, Nichole, for teasing her earlier when she accidentally shit herself…she wants to give Nichole a taste of her own medicine…and make her shit herself! And when she finds a bottle of castor oil in the bathroom she figures its just the thing to help do the trick!

While Nichole is fast asleep, Catherine sneaks in with her supplies and fills a baby bottle part-way with Nichole’s favorite sports drink and adds a nice, huge serving of castor oil to the bottle! She knows that since Nichole’s had a fun night out drinking & partying, she’d really want the juice & would never notice the change in flavor. And she doesn’t!

Nichole accepts the baby bottle and starts sucking away while her big sister sings her a beautiful lullaby…

…just wait…




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