Star Gets A Mini Enema & Locked In The High Chair & Brought To Orgasms As She Messes

DpMStarMiniEnemaLockedHighChairHitachiOsMesses DpMStarMiniEnemaLockedHighChairHitachiOsMesses2

Star hates mini enemas. But this time she has no choice. Natalia can be so mean sometimes.

Star complains about how much it burns as Natalia empties the tube up her bum. Then Star gets locked into the high chair.

Quickly Star’s tummy starts gurgling and she complains about the cramps. She’s so pouty!

As things get more intense Natalia taunts and teases her. And then she brings out the very powerful Hitachi vibrator! “I betcha this will make it kick in faster!” She tells her.

Star whines as she gets her pussy vibrated in her diaper. But then things get REALLY intense! Star is brought to a powerful orgasm just as she starts pooping!

But Natalia continues. “Don’t push the poop into me!” Star cries! Then another orgasm just before Star is left to finish emptying her bowels into her diaper!


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