Star Gives You An Enema, Buttplugs You & Jerks You Off Before Allowing You To Release

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Oh, does Star ever have a treat for you! She’s ready to have some fun with you!

You’re laying back and ready for your diaper change. “Oh, you naughty boy! Have you been holding it in?”

“Well, you’re not going to be able to hold it in with this!” She says to you as she holds up an enema.

She shoves the enema nozzle up your butt and squeezes it all in. But this is only the beginning.

She shows you a nice, big buttplug that she’s now going to shove up your ass. This will hold all that enema in. She’s not going to re-diaper you just yet.

Nope, not yet at all. Seems all this has really turned you on and she definitely can’t re-diaper you when you have such a raging hard-on! So now Star’s gonna take care of that for you too.

She covers your cock with a LOT of baby oil which lubes your cock up perfectly for her to jerk you off.

She strokes you and strokes you so perfectly until you cum all over!

Now you’re ready to be re-diapered. Star takes out your butt plug and closes your diaper back up so you can release your enema.

That’s better!

As you push out your enema into your diaper Star tells you what’s gonna happen next…


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