Star Throws A Temper Tantrum Before She Messes Her Diaper While Being Punished In The Time Out Corner

Naughty little Star has been a brat all day! And now she’s being punished. She was sent to the time out corner while everyone else in the adult daycare gets to enjoy ice cream without her. She really doesn’t like that!

She tries to amuse herself with toys but it quickly turns into a full temper tantrum. She throws toys across the playroom as she pouts and throws a fit!

Then she realizes that she has to poop! “I need to be done with my time out now!” she yells out. But there’s no answer. She really wants to use the big girl potty but she knows that she’d be caught if she leaves the corner. 

Eventually she realizes that she’s going to have to use her diaper and make her poo poos in there. She’s happy about it but she has no choice. She climbs off the time out stool and turns around before she fills her diaper with all her poo. And it’s a lot! Her diaper sags from the weight of it all. 

Poor little Star. She doesn’t want to sit in her poopies and wait to get changed.



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