Summer Does Her Daily Exercises In A Messy Diaper

DpMSummerMessyDiaperExercises DpMSummerMessyDiaperExercises2

Summer loooooves a messy diaper! After she messes in a diaper she often wears it for quite some time afterward.

She’s also a triathlete and exercises hard on a daily basis to keep herself fit & ready to win those races!

What a great combo to wear her messy diaper while she’s doing her daily exercises!

After squishing and rubbing the mess in, she’s ready to get her exercise on! She does squats, lunges, jumping jacks, sit-ups, leg stretches, and a bunch of other exercises – all making her mess squish all over and out! The mess reaches every nook and cranny inside her diaper!

So messy yet to fit!


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