Summer Gets A Giant Deep Cleaning Enema & Makes A HUGE Mess In Her Diaper

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Summer gets an 18 inches of a long tube shoved deep inside her for this enema!

Summer is feeling extra clogged up and has requested a nice full 2 quart enema. Natalia has a better idea to help her get a nice, deep clean. She has a special 20 inch long tube made just for extra deep enemas to get her REALLY cleaned out.

It’s a bit intimidating for little Summer but she’s willing to give it a try!

Natalia gets the whole tube nice and lubed up and begins to insert it into Summer’s tight ass. It gets so deep!

It’s quite difficult for Summer to take in and she shrieks and has the greatest reactions as it goes in! It’s awesome!

Once it’s deep inside her Natalia releases the enema valve and the water quickly fills up inside Summer’s colon. She screams that she can’t take it, but Natalia knows better. She does.

Once all the water is quickly drained from the enema bottle and Summer’s gut has been filled so full it’s time to pull out the massive tube. What a process!

Summer quickly gets diapered into a nice, thick Bambino Bellisimo and prepared to release the enema.

She has to wait until Natalia gives her the OK to expel it and Summer is patiently waiting for it.

What an insanely huge mess this makes! It takes a moment for the first gush of liquid poo to come out of her and reach the diaper but when it does, it’s so worth it!

SQUIRT! It all comes rushing out! Her diaper gets so full and so dark with her poo! The deep cleansing enema is so effective!

And so many huge farts too! Airy ones, runny ones, the works!

Terrific enema video!!!


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