Summer Makes A Huge, Runny, Diarrhea Mess In Her Diaper For You POV

DpMSummerPlzMessWMePOVRunny DpMSummerPlzMessWMePOVRunny2

Summer is so HOT in pigtails! And just so adorable as she’s fully regressed.

“Uh-oh! I gotta go poo-poo! I’m gonna go poo-poo for you!” She says while looking you in the eye.

She’s having a bit of a tummy ache though. It’s not very comfortable. She tries pressing on her tummy to help relieve the uncomfortable cramps she’s having.

And then she poos. And it’s a great big, yucky mess! It’s runny diarrhea and no wonder she had such tummy cramps! The brown stain spreads across the plastic of the diaper.

She’s so proud of herself for making such a big mess for you! She hopes you’re proud of her too!


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