Summer Messes Her Diaper While Having A Blast Riding The Horsie

DpMSummerMessesRidingBigHorse DpMSummerMessesRidingBigHorse2 DpMSummerMessesRidingBigHorse3

Summer is quite a diaper lover and sooooo loves visiting the nursery! Here she discovers the big horse and decides to go for a ride!

She sings and actually has a great voice as she gallops along on the horse. Turns out to be a bouncy ride! And her large breasts bounce all over as she gallops along!

But all that bouncing seems to have gotten things going! In fact, now Summer has to poop!

Without getting up Summer pushes all her mess into her diaper. This is turning into one messy ride!

She slaps the horse on the tush and it’s time to getty-up! She gallops so hard she falls off! (see last pic for a still as she’s about to go down – so funny!)

The poop’s everywhere for sure!

Fun video!!


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