Summer Panics As She Messes In The Car While Traveling

Summer Panics and Messes In The Back Of The Car While Traveling

Uh-oh. Stuck in traffic, massive flooding, no where to pull over to, and Summer’s gotta poop! Good thing she’s wearing a diaper!

She really doesn’t want to mess in her diaper though. There’re no spares, no baby wipes…she’ll have to sit in it for a long time if she messes in it!

Summer begins to panic. She begs and pleads with Natalia to pull over so she can find a spot to go outside. But there’s no where. Natalia laughs at her and tells her she’s gonna have to go in her diaper.

She panics some more. This is NOT a good predicament! Until finally, she can’t hold it anymore! Summer lifts a cheek and messes her diaper right there in the car!

The smell is overwhelming yet trapped in the car. Unable to even crack a window because of the rainstorm, she’s just gonna have to sit in it and suffer with it.

The panic and pleading continues as they continue driving. Summer’s reactions are awesome! Its gonna be a loooong ride…



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