Summer Poops Her Diaper On Public Beach & Gets Caught!

Summer Poops Her Diaper On Public Beach & Gets Caught!


Another Member’s Exclusive Video!!

Summer…always sexy and now playing around on a public beach in her diaper!

She stands in the water as the urge to go poo comes on. She looks around to see if anyone’s watching & decides to let it go right there! She stands in plain view of any passers by and drops her load into the diaper. Oh, what a thrill to poop her diaper in the wide open in public like that!!

She continues to look around cautiously, hoping to not get caught as she does her business as she messes her diaper. And success! No one saw what she did as she finishes pooping!

She starts to play in the water a bit, having a great time in her messy diaper in the water when she realizes there’s still a little bit more left. She bends over and poos some more.

She waves at a boat as it passes by her. She thinks its funny…they’re probably too far away to tell what she’s actually doing.

But then a couple of total strangers come walking down the path on the beach. They see her! And her reaction as she runs out of the water to hide herself is just too cute!

Enjoy =)



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