Summer’s Diaper Exposed In Public & Humiliated

Summer's Diaper Exposed In Public & Humiliated

Oh the panic that comes over Summer’s face!

Natalia pays a visit to Summer’s favorite spot for her morning jog. And as she expected, she finds Summer jogging along, with a diaper under her shorts. She has an idea for Summer…

She has her handcuffed to a tree & nothing she can do about it, so Natalia exposes Summer’s diaper that she’s hiding underneath her shorts. It doesn’t seem to bother her too much at first as Natalia starts to tickle her. Summer giggles…

But when Natalia tells her that she’s going to leave her there things change for Summer. She’s on a public jogging trail that she frequents…and her jogging buddies are due to pass by soon. They have no idea about her diaper fetish.

Natalia has no sympathy. She teases poor Summer as the panic comes over her. She grows more & more humiliated as she realizes there’s no way for her to hide. And she knows her friends will never understand. Summer begs and pleads with Natalia not to leave her there like this but, of course, Natalia does anyway.

There’s no escape…Summer gets completely humiliated!



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