Summer’s So Happy To Get A Very Full 2 Qt Enema And Makes A Huge Mess As She Releases It – With Lots Of Farts!

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What a huge and wonderfully messy diaper!!

It’s been awhile since Summer’s had an enema. Too long in fact. And she’s just begging for one! It’s her favorite thing!

Natalia wheels in the enema cart that’s carrying the very nice n full bag enema. Summer gets so excited!

She’s a little scared but so ready!

Natalia sticks the nozzle up her bum and releases the water. Summer starts to freak out a little. She whimpers as it flows into her. Then it becomes REALLY intense!

SQUIRT! Her ass backfires all over Natalia’s hand! Natalia stops the flow. “I think your butt had to burp a little.”

After a soothing moment she starts the flow back up. And Summer’s thirsty ass just sucks the rest of the water in!

And then Summer gets diapered. Of course Natalia puts her in her favorite diaper…the Bambino Bellisimo!

And then it’s time to poo. Natalia gets in nice and close to capture it all.

Summer seems to think she’s gonna put a hole in the diaper with the amount of mess she’s about to gush into it. But we’ll see how well it holds up.

And then it just starts flowing out of her like a fountain. Grumble, grumble, FART! It all comes rushing out of her bum and fills her diaper up nice and full.

FART! More comes rushing out. Summer giggles every time she farts. And there are A LOT of farts!

SQUIRT! What a noisy enema release! And Summer is just plain HOT!!!

Excellent enema video you’re sure to love!

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