Super Playful Bella Makes A Great Big, Lumpy Mess In Her Diaper

DpMBellaPlaysMessesOnFloor DpMBellaPlaysMessesOnFloor2 DpMBellaPlaysMessesOnFloor3 DpMBellaPlaysMessesOnFloor4

Bella is sooo much fun & has such a huge and playful personality!! And it all really shines through in this video!

Bella is having a blast bopping around, playing with toys in the nursery when the urge to poo comes on. Without skipping a beat she lets it out! But it proves to be a bit of a challenge in her very tight diaper! She’s wearing a small size Tena Slip Maxi and she has to keep tugging on the back end to make room for all her mess. It’s quite something to see as it’s very obviously such a huge and lumpy mess inside her diaper!


Ohhh, the ways Bella violates that sheep! Well, that sheep was a slut anyway so I think it deserved it 😉


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