Surprise Reunion Leads To Mia Getting Diapered In Public

Surprise Reunion Leads To Mia Getting Diapered While Sitting In A Public Bar

Natalia wasn’t expecting Mia to show up!

Its been over a year since Natalia introduced Mia to diaper play. But she was an instant diaper lover!

Natalia’s out at her favorite spot…just hanging out and enjoying the evening when Mia walks in! What a happy surprise! Mia confesses how much she loved playing in diapers with her and Natalia shows off that she’s currently wearing one. Teeheehee…Mia blushes!

And Natalia always comes prepared! She just happens to have a bag with extra diapers in it with her. Mia looks around. She wants to play too.

Well, there’s no one looking…

Natalia suggests that they put her into a diaper too. Mia’s eager for it. But to add to the excitement of it all she wants to do it right there! Why not?

As slyly as they can they slip a diaper onto Mia while still sitting at the bar. The bartender’s distracted. Will they get away with it?



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