Sweet Little Abby Gives Herself An Enema & Messes Her Diaper Above You POV

DpMAbbyEnemaNMesses4UPOV DpMAbbyEnemaNMesses4UPOV2 DpMAbbyEnemaNMesses4UPOV3

Abby’s gonna mess all over you today.

She stands above you and strips down to only her diaper. She teasingly seduces you as she pulls down her diaper and sticks the enema nozzle up her ass and quickly squeezes it in. She looks almost orgasmic as it rushes up her bum!

She pulls up her diaper and straddles you. It’s time to poo all over you. She starts to release it.

That’s a lot of poo! She giggles as she farts and messes and fills her diaper up.

She pushes and pushes and pushes. “It’s so warm and wet!” She shrieks!

Abby is so cute. And what a hot & messy diaper she makes for you!


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