Sweet Little Ren Makes A Huge, Sloppy, Diarrhea Mess In Her Diaper In The Crib

DpMRenMessesInCrib DpMRenMessesInCrib2

Ren is so darned adorable in this video!

Sweet little Ren is quietly playing in the crib when she’s overcome by some powerful diarrhea! She sucks away at her pacifier as it hits.

Grunt, grunt! It suddenly becomes too much to take! She whimpers as she cramps up.

PUSH! Her diaper quickly begins to fill with her poo.

More and more and more comes rushing out of her bum. She fills her diaper nice and full creating a huge brown stain on her diaper.

It can be such a tough job filling your diaper so full like that! Ren nearly passes out from pooping so hard!



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