Teen Anastasia Masturbates In Her Messy Diaper While Playing In The Play Yard

Hot little 18 year old Anastasia is feeling a little frisky while in her little space. The warmth of her messy diaper is kinda turning her on and she is badly in need of a release! 

She tries to continue playing with toys for awhile but her attention keeps coming back to the tingles that she’s feeling from within her diaper. Soon enough she just can’t take it anymore! She finds a vibrator hidden in her play yard and immediately knows what she’s about to do! 

She turns it on and starts rubbing it and letting it flow across her sexy body. She is so turned on!! She lets in roll to that special spot on her diaper. Oh it’s so much to take! She needs more. She opens her diaper and goes to town on her sweet little pussy. 

Her facial expressions as she masturbates are so HOT!!! Eventually she has the magical orgasm that she’s been needing so badly. Oh what a feeling! She just loves hanging out in her messy diaper. She’s just gonna stay in it for awhile…


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