Teen Diapergirl Katarina Suffers Explosive Diarrhea On The Way To The Bathroom & Makes A HUGE Mess!

DpMKatarinaUnexpectedDiarrheaOnWay2Bathroom1 DpMKatarinaUnexpectedDiarrheaOnWay2Bathroom2 DpMKatarinaUnexpectedDiarrheaOnWay2Bathroom3

Katarina is caught with a massive case of diarrhea! She panics as she rips off her pants and rushes toward the bathroom door! She has just changed into a fresh diaper and really didn’t want to have to mess in her diaper just yet! Especially not with this horrifying mess!

But when she gets to the bathroom door she finds that it’s locked. Uh oh. Ok, don’t panic. At least she’s wearing the diaper. She’s left with no choice but to mess it.

And what a huge mess she makes!!!

It’s runny and a huge brown mess quickly spreads across the back of her diaper.

Katarina’s horrified by this. Now what??


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