Teen Ella Is Made To Crawl Around In Her Messy Diaper Then Messes Some More!

After Natalia’s real life little sister has drank an overdose of laxative tea and  messed her diaper, Natalia finally returns home to do what’s next. As she walks in Ella shows her dismay. 

“Natalia! Where did you go?? You took so long!”

Natalia says that it doesn’t matter before confronting her about the overpowering smell indicating an obvious mess. Ella is so embarrassed to admit that she has indeed messed her diaper. 

Natalia takes Ella down from the hook on the wall and removes her cuffs. “Get on the floor! You’re getting a crawling lesson!” she demands to Ella. 

Ella doesn’t respond quickly enough and Natalia spanks her messy diaper with a riding crop. She starts moving now though! Ella is now down on all fours and crawling around in circles while sucking on a pacifier that Natalia has given her. 

Natalia continues to lead her around the room with the crop, spanking her as needed and squishing her dirty mess into her. The very visible brown stain on the back of her diaper is very apparent and continues to grow. 

Eventually Ella has to mess again and releases her poo into her diaper. She’s so ashamed to have to do such in front of Natalia, but she has no choice. She messes more while Natalia takes pictures of her that she’ll eventually send to the cute boy that Ella has been talking to.

The look on Ella’s face as she’s messing is priceless! She’s so humiliated!


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