Teen Ella Is Made To Eat Chocolate Pudding Out Of A Baby Diaper While In A Messy Diaper

Ella’s diaper is so messy by now! Natalia still hasn’t changed her and she keeps adding more and more poo to it!

Now Natalia has something new to do to Ella. She brings in a cup of chocolate pudding and grabs a baby diaper before kneeling next to Ella. Ella watches her open up the diaper and is puzzled. “What are you doing?” she asks. 

“Getting your plate ready,” Natalia responds.

Natalia opens the pudding and starts spooning it out into the diaper. Ella looks worried and horrified. She’s not going to have to do what she thinks she is…is she??

Natalia finishes filling the diaper up with Ella’s dinner and shows it off to Ella before she plops it down in front of the dirty little diaper girl. Ella watches in disgust. “Now put your hands behind your back and eat it!” Natalia demands while pointing down at the full diaper. And Natalia makes sure that Ella understands that she means business!

Ella has no choice. She has to obey her big sister to avoid getting humiliated in front of her crush! So she puts her hands behind her back, bends over and starts to eat the poopy looking pudding out of the diaper. 

She makes such a big mess! She licks it up until she’s licking nothing but the lining of the diaper. Natalia checks when Ella says she’s done. She finds a little more in a crease of the diaper and decides to stick it in Ella’s face making her extra messy! 

And Ella’s punishment is STILL not over…



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