Teen Ella Is Mortified As She’s Fed Chocolate Pudding By Her Mean Sister While Sitting In Her Messy Diaper In The High Chair

Little Ella’s punishment from her older sister continues!

Natalia comes back in after making Ella crawl around the floor in her messy diaper for awhile with a new idea. She’s going to lock Ella into the high chair in her messy diaper and make her eat chocolate pudding. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, sitting in a very messy diaper and feeling it squish into all your crevices while being made to eat something that looks like what you’re feeling on your tushy is utterly humiliating and yucky for this newbie diaper girl! And Natalia makes sure to completely gross her out with it the whole time! She gets teased and the back of her diaper rubbed in even more the whole time! 

Ella looks so beat down by the end of the video!



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