Teen Hottie Nikki Makes A Huge Runny Mess Right In Your Face – And You’re Gonna Love It!

DpMNikkiRunnyMessyDiaperFacesitting DpMNikkiRunnyMessyDiaperFacesitting2

Hi, diaper boy! Nikki has to poop. And she’s gonna make a big mess inside her diaper. And best of all she’s gonna do it right on your face. So lay down, Nikki’s gonna crawl on top of you and poo.

She starts to push it out. “How do you like that, diaper boy?” Her mess starts to fill the diaper. Solid at first, then she unleashes a big, watery mess.

She moves her booty around and makes you take in the mess she just made for you. She shoves the brown stained and squishy diaper right in your face. Its a nice present she’s made for you, isn’t it?

Super awesome video with fan favorite, Nikki making a HUGE mess!!

Enjoy 😉



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