Teen Katarina Gets Her Many Layered On Wet Diapers Changed

DpMKatarinaManyLayersDiapersChanged DpMKatarinaManyLayersDiapersChanged2 DpMKatarinaManyLayersDiapersChanged3

Katarina is so adorable wearing her many diapers and waddling around the nursery with her great, big bubble butt! But she’s been wearing them for some time and has been wetting them for hours. Not wanting Katarina to get a diaper rash Natalia tells her that as much as she’s enjoying her many layers, it’s time to change out of them.

Katarina’s a bit disappointed to have her many layers peeled off of her, but still, she loves getting her diaper changed!

It takes awhile for Natalia to strip off all the diapers & wipe her pussy clean, but she was SO SOAKED! It was definitely time.


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