Teen Katarina Is Made To Make An Uncomfortable Mess While Locked In The High Chair

DpMKatarinaSuppNMessInHighChair DpMKatarinaSuppNMessInHighChair2

Katarina’s playing on the floor when Natalia comes in to check her diaper. She finds no pee, no poop…nothing.

Well that won’t do! Katarina hasn’t pooped all day and it’s almost bedtime now.

Suppository time! This will make sure she messes now. Natalia shoves 2 suppositories up Katarina’s bum. But Natalia has in mind that she’s gonna make her mess while locked in the high chair. No reason for her to poop comfortably.

As the suppositories start to melt in her bum she has some anal leakage! Seems she really did have to poop more than she thought she did! And those suppositories just stimulated it enough to make it come pouring out!

Katarina’s locked in the high chair though. Now it’s all squished in her butt and she can’t escape it!


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