Teen Nikki Gets Her Rectal Temperature Taken Then Spanked OTK for Lying About Being Sick


Nikki’s supposed to be doing her chores but she says she’s not feeling well & she thinks she’s running a fever.

Ok then, Natalia will take her temperature, no problem! Her rectal temperature that is.

Natalia bends little Nikki over her knee and sticks the thermometer up her bum. She asks Nikki about her symptoms and it becomes obvious that Nikki’s faking the whole thing to get out of doing her chores!

The thermometer reads normal and that’s all the proof Natalia needs. So now she needs punishment! With Nikki already bent over her knee she’s in perfect position for a spanking. She pulls out a hairbrush and starts to spank Nikki with the back of it.

Nikki pleads that she’s not faking it but when given the option of being given an enema to make her feel better or to continue the spanking, Nikki chooses the spanking. Yes, that’s just further proof that she’s faking the whole thing.

More spankings happen and Nikki’s sent to the corner. She’s gonna be given extra chores for lying now.


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