Teen Nikki Has A Big, Sloppy Accident In Her Diaper While Playing With The Big Bears

DpMNikkiRunnyMessPlayingGiantBears DpMNikkiRunnyMessPlayingGiantBears2 DpMNikkiRunnyMessPlayingGiantBears3 DpMNikkiRunnyMessPlayingGiantBears4

Nikki’s having so much fun playing with the big teddy bears that she doesn’t even realize that she has to poop! This just goes to prove how diaper dependent Nikki has become!

She realizes suddenly that she has to poop and it just immediately comes pouring out of her bum! And such a huge, runny mess it is!

Uh-oh! Nikki wasn’t expecting THAT to happen!

Super cute video with fan favorite, Nikki!


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