Teen Nikki Messes Her Diaper & Sits On Your Face With It POV

DpMNikkiPOVUnassMessAboveUNRubIn DpMNikkiPOVUnassMessAboveUNRubIn2 DpMNikkiPOVUnassMessAboveUNRubIn3

This gorgeous teen diaper girl really has to poo. She’s so glad you’re here because she has been holding it in all day for your arrival. And now that you’re here she’s gonna poop right above you so you can experience all of it fully.

She bends over and messes in her diaper. She leans in closer to your face and continues to push. Can you smell that, diaper boy?

She sits right on your face and squishes it all in. You like that, diaper boy? She tries smothering you with her diaper mess and tries to smother you with it so hard your nose goes in between her butt cheeks.

Ohhh so hot!!!


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