Teen Nikki Messes Her Diaper While Frolicking In The Ocean

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Such a beautiful day for a nice diapered dip in the ocean with Nikki!

Nikki has already messed her diaper a little and has no change with her so she decides to mosey out into the ocean to help clean herself up a bit…or make it messier…it’s all about the experience 😉

She wanders out a little ways and her diaper starts to fill up with saltwater and her mess becomes all the more apparent! What a huge mess!!!

It’s exciting for her to feel the differences and what all her diaper can do. And everything there is to feel with her diaper getting completely soaked when it’s already so messy!

But it turns out she’s not done messing yet. She still has a lot more poo to get out. She doubles over and starts to push. First facing shore then facing out so you can see her diaper filling up!

What a sensation! It’s so exciting for Nikki and she doesn’t want it to end just yet. She dunks herself back into the water and lets nature take it’s course inside the diaper. Salt water leaks in & mixes with her mess…what a delight to find out what happens with this!

Nikki is soooo sexy & this video kinda has the feel of something out of a Sports I’ swimsuit magazine – only the abdl edition 😉

Super awesome!!!


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(Bonus pic because I think it looks cool & kinda artsy…not to mention SEXY!)