Teens Nikki & Anastasia Take Suppositories & Mess Their Diapers Together

DpMAnastasiaNikkiDiaperedSuppositoryChallenge DpMAnastasiaNikkiDiaperedSuppositoryChallenge2 DpMAnastasiaNikkiDiaperedSuppositoryChallenge3

How cute is this video???

Nikki and Anastasia are enjoying hanging out in the nursery together and wondering what they’re going to do next. Anastasia wants to play a game so they try to figure out what to play when they come up with a suppository challenge!!

“Bet you I can hold it in longer than you,” Anastasia claims.

Bet on.

They take the suppositories up their bums and it’s game on.

Who do you think will poop first??

But really, does it matter? They both end up pooping in the end.


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