The Age Regressed Co-Worker Gets Soothed As She Messes Her Diaper

DpMDakotaRegressedMessesSoothed DpMDakotaRegressedMessesSoothed2 DpMDakotaRegressedMessesSoothed3

Uh-oh! Seems Natalia’s little age-regressed co-worker has a grumbling tummy! We know what that means!

Dakota begins to whine a little. Her grumbling tummy is just too uncomfortable for the little baby. But what a good mommy Natalia is, she comes in and rubs her belly and soothes little Dakota as she prepares for what’s to come. Or what’s to come out, that is…

Dakota immediately starts to feel better. She likes how Natalia soothes her.

And then the mess is ready to come out. Natalia continues to soothe and guide her as Dakota messes her diaper.

She makes a nice, big messy in her nappy and Natalia’s just so proud of her! What a good girl making such a nice messy for her!


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