The Age Regressed Co-Worker Wakes Up Locked In The Crib, Remembers Everything, & Gladly Cums In Her Diaper

DpMDakotaWakeCribRemembersHitachiOsLikes DpMDakotaWakeCribRemembersHitachiOsLikes2

Well, well, well. The age regressed little baby wakes up…and she’s no longer a baby!

But she is.

Natalia’s co-worker wakes up and the age regression potion has worn off! She’s locked in the crib and a bit confused. She spits out her pacifier and cries for “mom”.

It takes her a moment but she remembers everything. And she realizes that she actually really liked the whole experience.

Natalia comes in with a new surprise. Her powerful Hitachi vibrator. Dakota’s really loving this next surprise! “This is some kind of HOT!” She pants as Natalia begins to rub the Hitachi on her diaper.

It doesn’t take long before Dakota is brought to a very huge orgasm! Not once, but several times! Still cuffed to the crib, she just can’t control it!

After many orgasms Natalia finally switches off the vibrator. “Good morning, sunshine!” She says to her.

“Best morning wake up ever!” Dakota exclaims.

After being set free and climbing out of the crib Natalia gives her a little interview about her experience as a baby. Oh, the wonderful things she has to say about it!

Her diaper is quite wet, so she asks to be changed into a new one…

A wonderful and delightfully HOT video!!!


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