The Babysitter’s Diaper Punishment Begins Again: Straitjacket & Fed Diuretics


The beautiful babysitter, Bella is patiently awaiting her punishment. And here it begins!

Natalia comes in with a very hot leather straitjacket and orders Bella to strip. Bella has been waiting for this moment! She happily lets Natalia strip her out of her remaining clothes. The grin is HUGE on Bella’s face.

The straitjacket is quickly put onto Bella and she’s given a pacifier to suck on while Natalia prepares her for what’s next.

She gets out some nice, large diuretic pills for Bella to take. “These are gonna make you go pee-pee!”

Bella’s a bit reluctant at first but she takes her pills. Then she’s given a baby bottle to help wash the pills down and help fill her bladder up.

It’s fun to watch her try to drink from the baby bottle while locked in the straitjacket!



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