The Babysitter Wets Her Diaper & Is Made To Cum While Locked In The Straitjacket


Looks like the diuretics that Natalia fed Bella are kicking in! Bella wets…

She cries out for Natalia to come and change her but there’s no answers to her calls. Until Natalia does finally come in. But she doesn’t come alone…she brings her very powerful Hitachi vibrator with her!

She turns it on and firmly presses it against Bella’s diaper. Bella’s resistant at first but then she becomes very, very willing.

Natalia rubs and rubs it against Bella’s diaper and Bella goes between cries for release and cries of very intimate pleasure!

And one orgasm just isn’t enough for Natalia. She makes sure Bella is completely orgasmed out before she finally lets up. Even after Bella cries for mercy…

Super HOT video!!


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